Searching for a Private Car Transfers Provider in Adelaide? Platinum Car Hire Offers Airport Limo Services in Adelaide.

Time is money. This old adage still proves true in today’s market, with every second’s success judged by how many dollars you’ve made (or lost). Why then must you suffer the agonisingly slow pace of a taxi service? You’ve got deals to close and boardrooms to conquer. Waiting on a car that’s seen far better days and far too many miles isn’t going to get you there.

We suggest an alternative: Adelaide airport transfers. Need to seek the international sector? Let Private Car Hire take you to your flight, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Platinum Car Hire: About Us

Platinum Car Hire is the leading provider of airport transfers in Adelaide. Our dedicated team – all accredited to the highest standards and trained in both defensive driving manoeuvres and first aid – accommodates even the busiest schedules, always arriving on time and eager to please. This combines with a fleet of European or Caprice vehicles, all delivering luxury experiences on the road.

Adelaide airport limo transfers promises efficiency, comfort, and convenience – things that every corporate worker deserves. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

The Advantages of Private Car Transfers in Adelaide

Too often have taxis failed you in the past, leaving you stranded at your hotel and late for your flight. The excuses, which range from incorrect directions to shuttling another passenger, never leave you satisfied – only frustrated. Luxury Adelaide airport transfers can end that frustration.

Personal Service

Our airport transfers in Adelaide deliver personalised service. They’re tailored to your schedule, your budget, and your needs. Our drivers greet each customer with a smile and an understanding of their itineraries – and they’ll do the same for you.


All Adelaide airport limo transfers are precisely scheduled, ensuring that each driver arrives exactly when he’s supposed to. We don’t cost you time (or patience).

Engagement Options

Private car transfers in Adelaide extend beyond the airport. Instead, our drivers will happily guide you through the city, taking you to dinner engagements, shows, and more. The service is comprehensive and discreet.

Considering Adelaide airport transfers? Contact Platinum Car Hire today.

Our Testimonials

Airport transfers in Adelaide demand professionalism and superior service. To ensure that we provide both of these things, we encourage potential clients to view our Testimonials page. There, find reviews from other corporate conquerors – as well as celebrating couples, hens and bucks, and even young brides (who demand far more than any boardroom).

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To estimate the cost of your trip visit our Quick Quote page. This is a free, no-obligation service and it will provide an accurate estimate of what to expect. Feel free to ask us about account options as well.

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Private car transfers in Adelaide prove ideal for every member of the corporate network – including you. Contact us today to learn more.

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