Looking for an Adelaide Limo Hire? Platinum Car Services Offers Trips to Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, the Airport, and Beyond.

It’s a familiar scene. You stand in the taxi queue, inching slowly along, feeling the press of strangers all around you. The air is hot, the line is long, and only your exhaustion surpasses your impatience. This is not how you wish to spend your day. There seems, though, to be no other alternative.

Platinum Car Hire suggests a limo. Why shuffle through queues or endure long waits? An Adelaide limo hire can provide speed, style, and comfort – all the things you deserve while on the road.

Platinum Car Hire: About Us

As the leading provider of Adelaide Hills limo hires, Platinum Car Hire promises our customers superior service. We understand that every occasion can be special, and we strive to accommodate all passenger needs. Our experienced team – all accredited, insured, and trained in defensive driving – arrive on time and ready to follow the road. Searching for an Adelaide airport limo hire, a Barossa Valley limo hire, or other private car options? Contact Platinum Hire today.

The Advantage of Choosing an Adelaide Limo Hire

Travelling no longer needs to be a chore. It can be a joy if you rely on Adelaide Hills limo hires and other Platinum Car Hire services.


Your hours are carefully planned. Adelaide airport limo hires, along with metro and valley services, fit neatly within those plans. Our drivers adhere to your schedule, allowing you to decide the exact time and location of every pick-up, drop-off, and stop in between.

Passenger Priority

A taxi requires far more than fuel to survive. Constant fares are needed to ensure an ever-spinning meter and an ever-heavy wallet. Passengers become nothing more than dollar signs, with little patience spared for their comfort or needs.

Adelaide Hills limo hires reverse this policy. Each customer receives specialised care, with our team working on fixed appointments. This allows them to dedicate their time to driving, rather than seeking out the next potential passenger.


As a child, you learned the value of sharing. However, you don’t find much value in sliding into a taxi cab with strangers – sharing your space, your route, and even your conversations. Privacy is rarely experienced but always wanted.

Adelaide airport limo hires change this. Book a car for just yourself or let friends and family members tag along for the ride. You choose the passengers; you control the experience.

Platinum Car Hire is not a taxi service. We’re a lifestyle service.

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Customer satisfaction is our cornerstone. This is why we maintain both a luxury fleet and accredited drivers, ensuring that every course runs smooth. To learn more about our Barossa Valley limo hires (as well as our other services) contact us today.

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