We do pickups from Adelaide Airport across Adelaide Hills & Barossa Valley

Are You Considering Renting Chauffeured Cars for an Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, or Barossa Valley Event or Do You Need Airport Service?

How many times have you missed an imperative business meeting due to late chauffeured cars in Adelaide Hills? Have you had the embarrassing experience of arriving late to a wedding or other important party due to tardy chauffeured cars near Barossa Valley? Chauffeured cars are rented and paid for an important service; driving you to you required Adelaide or nearby destination and getting you to your event on time. The last experience anyone wants to have in chauffeured cars is airport trips spent panicking because you may miss your flight or because the driver is speeding to get you there in time, and you feel unsafe. Who wants to waste their money and time on this type of treatment?

Chauffeured cars should provide luxury experiences to their guests in Adelaide Hills. When renting a chauffeured car, you are renting an experience and not just a ride. If you are tired of dealing with late chauffeured cars, rude drivers, or chauffeurs who do not know their way around Adelaide or Barossa Valley, then it may be time to upgrade your experience. If you are in need of high quality chauffeured cars at competitive rates, you should rent your next chauffeured car through Platinum Car Hire, the region’s finest and most dependable chauffeured car service.

Experience the Difference with Premium Care Hire’s Professionally Chauffeured Cars in Adelaide

At Premium Car Hire, the customer’s experience is what matters most. The drivers at Premium Car Hire operate only the highest quality chauffeured cars and are fully certified to chauffeur, while also staying up to date on the latest defensive driving classes. The focus on customer safety, luxurious rides, as well as timeliness, is key. Getting you to your Adelaide destination on time, with style and ease is what Premium Car Hire is all about. They select their driving crew very carefully and ensure that their chauffeurs truly know the area of Adelaide thoroughly. In fact, between the drivers employed at Premium Car Hire, there are over six decades worth of driving experience.

Premium Car Hire also has plenty of experience driving for all types of occasions. From weddings and birthday parties to funerals, to corporate events and work holiday parties, the staff at Premium Car Hire offers chauffeured cars to fit any event while maintaining a professional attitude at all times. We are now also offering private wine tours with our luxury vehicles.

Transport Employees

If you often order chauffeured cars in Adelaide to take our employees to and from the airport, you might want to talk to Premium Car Hire about what they can offer you in the future. Even if you have a spur of the moment occasion you would like to celebrate with chauffeured car service, Premium Car Hire will ensure you are covered. To find out more or to get a quick estimated rate quotation, log on to their website at: https://platinumcarhire.com.au.

Covid-19 Statement:
All of our cars are cleaned after each trip and all the cars carry sanitising wipes, hand sanitiser, rubber gloves and face masks. We take all the precautions to keep our customers safe and well.
We can offer our customers our Mercedes V class people mover for the same price as a sedan if they would like that bit extra distance between everyone.

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